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1 - A spinning plastic container/can is in title of one of my US patent pending applications.  Some versions
are small and others are large.   Smaller versions would make a great gift to a friend, relative or for you. 
See on youtube beverage can #1,
plastic water container #2, #3 or #4.
Hint: One simple use application of my spinning plastic container is what a vast majority of people do every day! 

2 - Hanger Clip is another patent pending alternative use application for a clothes hanger using ingenuity.

3 - 01/04/2022 - Padlock Security 2 continuation-in-part pick proof patent application uses a heavy chain or cable in a very unique way and "allowed for issuance as a patent".  My Padlock Security patent only opens with your key, not an LPL lock picking tools.  Why are you spending money for a padlock LPL picks opens without a key to lock your belongings when you could pay less for my Padlock Security pick proof keyed padlock!  And maybe some day soon my Padlock Security pick proof padlock will be available in black, polished stainless steel or like.
4 - Key for use with US patent Padlock Security and continutation-in-part.

5 - There is a simple method to secure a laptop with its lid up or down from being easily picked opened using my Padlock Security patent and its continuation-in-part.

6 - Padlock Security and/or its soon to issue continuation in part easily secures everything a U-Lock tries to secure except Padlock Security is pick proof.

7 - An alternative to an earbud is my patent pending Earbudme.

8 - Another clothes hanger or like similar to #2 above except this one has something else going for it!

And more.....

9 - There is another use application for a 1 gallon plastic container full or empty and it does not rotate.

10 - ?
07/14/2021 - Tedium article written by Ernie Smith about true meaning of lock security.

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I invent, no manufacturing and no products to sell.  All I have are my US patents and patent pending applications for sale here in United States.  I have no way to stop a company from making my patented products in their country unless those products come to U.S. 

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