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05/22/2022 - There is a very simple method to hang more clothes on a clothes line using a liquid or like.
05/09/2022 - There is another use application for an empty DuralexUSA glass cup or like and a Ball Mason Jars glass jar or like having nothing to do with what goes into it.

05/03/2022 -  My US patent for Padlock Security 2 issued today.  It is tamper and pick proof which is a lot more than you can say about any other keyed padlock out there.  Another version locks a laptop and another locks anything a U-Lock attempts to secure.

04/25/2022 - There is a product Daiso and Dollar Tree sell when combined with each other serves a much better useful purpose.

04/09/2022 - There is another use application for a small piece of metal in a boat, plane, vehicle or whatever!

04/06/2022 - There are nine other use applications for a Dollar Tree Plastic Water Bottles with Flip-Top Lids or Pop-Top-Lids. I did not read before making my modifications some bad reviews for these plastic water bottles but so far no complaints from me.

04/02/2022 - There is another use application for an ACCO Brands or like binder clip and something else unbelievable simple. .

03/29/2022 - There are three other use applications for a Puck Motion Light Swiveling Sensor.

03/20/2022 - There is a very simple way to transfer organic or like dental floss in a non-plastic holder to a plastic holder having a more sturdy floss cutter. 

03/17/2022 - There is another very simple way to use a glass bottle or plastic container with a trigger sprayer.

03/14/2022 - There is another very simple way to modify my Padlock-Security patent.  Problem is when used without Padlock-Security and very same easily picked keyed or combination padlocks it has very little value.

03/14/2022 - I was talking with a patent attorney 9:35am and 12pm at lunch with a friend about something electronic that can recognize when a missile, plane or a supersonic rocket is armed with an Atomic Bomb and taking off. This device electronically explodes bomb a few hundred feet or couple of miles from launch site.  Knowing how to do this is way beyond what I know but there are creative inventors out there.

02/11/2022 - There is a something very useful I made for a 2.5 gallon water container and Arrowhead Water will love it.

Below are before I used dates.

1 - A container or can are in title of one of my US patent pending applications.  Some versions
are small and others are large.   Smaller versions would make a great gift to a friend, relative or for you. 
See on YouTube can #1,
container #2, #3 or #4 update.
Hint: One simple use application of my container or can is what a vast majority of people do every day! 

2 - Hanger Clip is another patent pending alternative use application for a clothes hanger using ingenuity.

3 - Key for use with US patent Padlock Security and continuation-in-part.

4 - There is a simple method to secure an Apple or like laptop with its lid/screen up or down from being easily picked opened or by using a bolt cutter to snip off a security cable using my Padlock Security patent, its continuation-in-part and a laptop way!

5 - An alternative to an earbud is my patent pending Earbudme.

6 - Another clothes hanger or like similar to #2 above except this one has two changes going for it!

7 - There is another every day use application for a 1 gallon plastic water container full or empty and it does not spin.

8 - There is another every day use application for a drinking glass having nothing to do with liquid soap or a pump dispenser?

9 - There is another every day use application for sponges having absolutely nothing to do with what they usually do?

10 - There is another very good use application for flat black plastic bottom of a Del Taco salad plate or like for what every day use.

11 - There are three very simple other use applications for drying clothes having nothing to do with a hanger clip and one is amazingly simple in an unbelievably creative way.
07/14/2021 - Tedium article written by Ernie Smith about true meaning of lock security.

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